About Us

Process Delivery Systems is a business process management consulting firm. We help our clients improve their ability to deliver the value expected by their customers in a fashion that is sustainable and provides the return on investments sought after by their investors and stakeholders. We do this by helping our clients define, optimize, calibrate and manage their business processes to meet their key metrics, budgets and improve the alignment between operations and strategy.

The end-users’ ability to efficiently and effectively execute key business processes impacts the organization’s ability to meet its goals. We help improve the end users’ ability to quickly understand and correctly execute the organization’s key business processes with Process Resource Centers. Process Resource Centers are user-centric web sites that place critical procedural content at the fingertips of users in a very intuitive manner for use in the normal course of business.


Henry Draughon | President

Henry is President of Process Delivery Systems and a Principal in the PMO Practice of BOT International, a PDS partner firm. He specializes in business process analysis, project and portfolio management as well as a variety of Information Technology disciplines. Henry served in the US Navy from 1972 through 1985 as a Naval Flight Officer. In 1980, Henry joined IBM where he led sales and implementations of complex data processing solutions. He later founded Draughon & Associates providing IT management, special projects management, and enterprise network design, implementation and maintenance services to a wide variety of businesses. He earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration at St. Peter's College, and an MBA at Webster College.

Marcus D. Lathrop, SPM | Advisor, Lean Six Sigma

Marcus is an Advisor to Process Delivery Systems. During the past 20 years, Marcus focused on solutions to address the intricacies of economic supply and demand challenges. His expertise includes Operations Management, Warehouse Management Systems Implementations, Information Technology, Transportation/Logistics, and Process Optimizations. Marcus has a proven track record of reducing multi-million dollar expenses to the organization's profit and loss statement. Marcus has strong analytical skills coupled with a technological background which enables him to provide business intelligence in areas that yield less than acceptable or mediocre results. Marcus is a certified practitioner in End-to-End Supply Chain Management. In 2007 Marcus achieved a Blackbelt certification in Lean Six Sigma. Marcus received his education and training at the Center for Intelligent Supply Networks (C4iSN), at the University of Texas at Dallas.