Process Resource Center Design and Implementation Services

Process Resources Centers are websites (can be other technologies) designed to centralize and provide easy access to the organization’s key business processes and related resources. Process Delivery Systems takes this concept many steps further, focusing on designing “user-friendly” process resource centers which are very intuitive for the user responsible for the effective and efficient execution of key business processes.

Key business processes ought to be very easy to access, understand, and follow. The user should have consistent access to the appropriate procedural content anywhere and anytime on the organization’s information infrastructure.

Process Resource Centers are very powerful in that they are purposefully designed to be elegant in presentation, purposefully simple to understand, but very robust in content delivery.

Process Resource Centers are customized to be consistent with your corporate presentation standards. They are designed to reside on your internal intranet thereby centralizing procedural content and improving your ability to implement change and version control.

Process Resource Centers place important procedural content at the fingertips of users for easy access and use in the context of the normal course of business.

We design Process Resource Centers so that a “trained eye” is not required to interpret the presentation of the information. The technology doesn’t matter to us as long as it meets the user requirement of being very intuitive in both access to and understanding of the information. The technology selection first focuses on in-house capability, then commercial off-the-shelf solutions, then systems design and customization.

Most organizations already have the content. This content typically resides in 3-ring binders, or in a variety of application and presentation formats somewhere on the company's information infrastructure, and probably in multiple versions.

PDFramework’s web technology releases you from the confines of the single dimensioned reading process offered by text-based paper and electronic file media. This single dimension of reading is based on traditional page to page, book navigation.  PDFramework:

Minimizes the need to use hard copy reference documents and manuals

Reduces time wasted with exhaustive file-folder searches

Eliminates the need to seek out the right person with the critical knowledge required to get the job done correctly and efficiently

Skill Sets:

Process Documentation (as-is and to-be)

Customized process workflows for input into Process Resource Centers

Create appropriate linkages to resources within workflows

Systems Integration



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