Process Optimization and
Calibration Services

Do your processes measure up to your key performance metrics and budgets?

It should be easy to understand how key business processes flow throughout the organization and how each level links to and impact key performance metrics, budgets, and the organization's strategy. As part of its strategy, every organization must:

Deliver the value expected by its customers

Meet the requirements of stakeholders (investors, regulatory entities, etc.)

Enable the ongoing and future operations of the company

All companies, without exception, use processes to accomplish this. Not recognizing this, many organizations fail to take control of and gain the benefits of effective and efficient process management.

The difficulty is in identifying, defining, and quantifying the capability of a process at the lowest level of granularity then mapping or linking this capability up through the management layers to the relevant portions of the strategic plan.

Optimizing and Calibrating Processes
to Metrics and Budgets

We help our clients align, optimize and calibrate the performance of their key business processes to their operational metrics and budgets. This, in turn, helps our clients improve their ability to deliver the value expected by their customers, meet the requirements of stakeholders and increase their ability to meet and exceed their budgeted P&L goals.

Processes are a combination of the tasks, practices, labor and intellectual property by which an organization develops and delivers value to its customers. This value, tangible item or a service, can be defined in terms of a unit. There is a cost for producing this value known as unit cost. Unit cost is the level of granularity necessary to properly align processes, metrics and budgets.

Are your metrics for products and/or services defined and aligned to budgets?

Have your processes been optimized to understand maximum performance?

Are your processes calibrated to the performance required to meet budget metrics?

Are your existing metrics meaningful – connected to performance and used in the normal flow of operations?

Our Process Optimization and Calibration services quantify the capability of key business processes and their discrete tasks to meet your key performance metrics and planned budget. We identify and define processes at their lowest level of granularity.

An Optimization and Calibration analysis normally includes the following reports:

Process Cost/Margin Analysis

Weekly Budget to Actual Performance Comparison & Control Charts for a Quarter

Process Flow Diagram with Identified Exceptions

Process Variable Costs & Cycle Time Analysis

Process Comparison: Budgeted to Actual to Optimized


Skill Sets:

Lean/Six Sigma Process Improvement

End-to-End Supply Chain Management

Project Management

Systems Integration

Business Case Development

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