PDFramework is a process resource center designed to deliver the resources necessary for the end user to effectively and efficiently access, understand and execute the organization’s key business processes.  PDFramework presents this procedural content to those responsible for process execution in an intuitive and meaningful fashion through a variety of views. Each component within a view connects to more specific information and additional resources  as needed.

PDFramework™ benefits are:
  • Faster and better understanding of how to properly execute key business processes
  • Dramatic reductions in learning curves
  • Decreased human errors and wasted efforts
  • Improved and more consistent level of product and service quality
  • Improved adoption of key business processes

Within PDFramework, sophisticated workflows are segmented into visual units. The visual units are connected in the proper sequence and delivered to users in web pages, an information delivery medium with which they are very familiar. Point and click drilldowns are used within the visual units when more detailed instruction is required.

PDFramework™ is customized to contain:
  • Segmented and full workflows
  • Dashboards and analytics
  • Work instructions, methods and procedures
  • Illustrations, videos, and reference materials
  • Policies and best practices like ISO and TL9000
  • Links to applications, websites, and other resources required for process understanding and completion

PDFramework’s web technology releases you from the confines of the single dimensioned reading process offered by text-based paper and electronic file media. This single dimension of reading is based on traditional page to page, book navigation.  PDFramework:

  • Minimizes the need to use hard copy reference documents and manuals
  • Reduces time wasted with exhaustive file-folder searches
  • Eliminates the need to seek out the right person with the critical knowledge required to get the job done correctly and efficiently

PDFramework visually guides users through process and best practice execution throughout work completion. It places the right information at the fingertips of the user in the normal course of business. PDFramework can be used as a process delivery mechanism in both operational and training environments.

PDFramework™ delivers the right information:
  • To the right people
  • At the right time
  • In the right context
  • In the right priority