Data Breach Response Team Collaboration Framework

Electronic Policy Documents Integrated with Web-Based Procedural Frameworks

Data breach response plans are designed to place organizations in a proactive posture in the event of a cyber breach. They consist of objectives, guidelines and procedures to be carefully executed by a designated team.

Typically the content is delivered to users through electronic documents. These documents are primarily text-based with some illustrative graphics. This content delivery requires a lot of page scrolling and searching for specific critical information.

The Web-Based Data Breach Response Framework separates policy focused text from procedural content. Policy focused text addressing organization objectives, permissions and guidelines remain in the electronic documents.

At the point within the electronic document where a procedure is required, a link is provided to a related web page within the framework with point and click interactive procedural workflows. Links to additional workflows, applications, documentation and videos are available in the web frameworks. The frameworks also link to the electronic policies where they are used as a input to workflows.

The Web-Based Data Breach Response Framework places the organization in a strong proactive posture to:

  • ➢ Minimize incident damage
  • ➢ Instill confidence in the organizationís customers and staff
  • ➢ Get the organization back to business as usual as quickly as possible.


Data Breach Response Team

Data Breach Response Team

Dynamic navigation via touch screen or mouse to resources such as:

  • ➢ Communications and notification plans
  • ➢ Internal and external team members
  • ➢ Response protocols
  • ➢ Roles and responsibilities

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