Process Resource Centers in Education, PK-12

Today’s school environment is flooded with too much to do and not enough time to train and get it done. Processes have become so complex to the point of being overwhelming to staff and teaching personnel, who are already inundated with the education and management of students.

Process Resource Centers are proving to dramatically reduce the complexity so important initiatives like Response to Intervention and Positive Reinforcement and Discipline do not seem overwhelming to teachers and staff.

What are Process Resource Centers?

Process Resource Centers are web frameworks that place segmented processes and related resources at the fingertips of users so they are visual, intuitive, and easily accessible as necessary during the normal course of work. Processes are defined, end-to-end, then segmented into easy-to-understand views. The views, along with associated resources, are placed in a web-site framework. Everyone knows how to use web sites so training is minimal.

Visual, user-friendly, intuitive, non-intimidating

Web-based, dramatically reducing learning curves

Dynamic navigation through the process as needed

Accessible through the organization’s intranet via computers, laptops, tablets, or smart phones

Positive Reinforcement & Discipline
Process Resource Center

Positive Reinforcement & Discipline PRC

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PK-12 Process Resource Centers Presentation
SHARS Dashboards
SHARS Dashboards 
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Dallas ISD Case Study
Dallas ISD Medicaid Coordination Services Department Improves Claims Management Efficiency with Process Resource Centers
IISD Case Study
Irving ISD Undergirds Response to Intervention with a Visually Intuitive, User-Friendly, Process Resource Center

Response to Intervention (RTI)
Process Resource Center

rti prc

Spend More Time Focused on Students

Teachers no longer have to waste time that could be focused on students searching endlessly for necessary resources. Process Resource Centers place those resources via clickable links at the fingertips of users to access when required. Links go to the specific page within a document or to the specific screen within a software application. Links can be made to:

Knowledge bases, documents, applications, and other related information resources

Websites, videos, and other resources as needed

Policies and governance

Analytics, outcomes, dashboards, and key performance indicators

Improves Systemic Policy Administration

Process Resource Centers clearly lay out district policies and recommended best practices:

Facilitates more consistent implementation of board policy across the district

District and government resources immediately available to users

Governance and roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and illustrated

What Users are Saying...

Feedback from school district teams during leadership training in preparation for school year commencement:

"This clarifies the steps in the process."

"Greatly reduces the confusion."

"Makes the process look simple, itís not a daunting task, not overwhelming."

"Now this makes sense!"