Cyber Incident Response Plan Mobilization

Digital Content Designed to Meet Today's Reading Appetite

The quality of the cyber incident response plan's execution depends on how well the team understands what needs to be done, by whom, when, how, and why. The traditional text-based digital document format does a poor job of answering these requirements because this format doesn't meet the appetite of today's readership for digital content delivery.

Disconnected Text-Based Documents

Today's Readership Expects Digital Content to be Mobilized

  • ➢ Graphical
  • ➢ Visually Intuitive
  • ➢ Comprehensive yet Succinct
  • ➢ Available on Any Device, From Anywhere, at Any Time

Mobilized Cyber Incident Response Plan

More Than Placing a PDF on a Mobile Phone

Web frameworks called Process Resource Centers are much better suited for pulling a wide variety and large volume of digital information together into one easy to use platform. They place processes, policies, and a comprehensive set of associated resources at the fingertips of the response team, in a digital format they know how to use, when and how they expect it. Process Resource Centers visually illustrate incident response plans in a very intuitive manner enabling all stakeholders to get on the same page quickly and collaborate more effectively.

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Data Breach Response Team

They include dynamic links and intuitive navigation to:

  • ➢ Segmented visually intuitive workflows and response protocols
  • ➢ Clearly defined roles and responsibilities, contacts, glossaries, forms, libraries, websites, videos and other resources as needed
  • ➢ Links to applications and required information sources, SOPs, work instructions and other more detailed content

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