Shared Cybersecurity Responsibility

Many aspects of cybersecurity are beyond the domain of IT departments.

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Cybersecurity responsibilities are shared among multiple departments, stakeholders, and business partners.

  • Finance and risk management are responsible for ensuring the organization understands the cybersecurity risk to mission, functions, reputation, organizational assets, and individuals
  • Human resources is responsible for ensuring personnel are trained to perform information security related duties and responsibilities consistent with policies, procedures, and agreements
  • Legal is responsible for ensuring that legal and regulatory requirements regarding cybersecurity, including privacy and civil liberties obligations, are understood and managed
  • Business process owners are responsible for ensuring that security policies, processes, and procedures are maintained and used to manage protection of information systems and assets

Shared Responsibility Maps Combine SIPOC and RACI Methodologies to Define and Illustrate End-to-End Roles, Responsibilities, and Dependencies

Shared Cybersecurity Responsibility Maps

  • Defines and visually illustrates end-to-end roles, responsibilities, expectations, and dependencies of all departments, stakeholders, and business partners
  • Illustrates where and how deficiencies impact the ability to provide deliverables in accordance with customer requirements
  • Serves to penetrate departmental silos, tool conflicts, and tribal knowledge
  • Enables improved communications and collaboration

Shared Cybersecurity Responsibility Maps can be delivered as stand-alone PDFs, integrated into existing plans, or integrated into web frameworks that illustrate cybersecurity processes, activities, and associated resources.

Shared cybersecurity responsibilities are illustrated in a visually intuitive manner, illustrating expectations, improving comprehension and collaboration. High-level and detailed views are available within a few clicks.

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