Mobilized Content Delivery

Procedural information is delivered in a manner that is readily accessible to the mobile user from any device. Content navigation is visually intuitive and fast with a click, swipe, or touch. Procedural content is much better illustrated and easier to understand with interactive workflows. Text layout is designed to guide the reader through content especially on mobile devices. Mobilized content is visually intuitive, improves productivity, and is transparent!

Reading Appetites Have Evolved

The Internet and mobile technologies have fostered an evolution in the way we read information. We expect to have instant fingertip access to huge amounts of information from worldwide resources. We want information mobilized; designed to be usable on any device from anywhere at any time with a click, touch or a swipe!

Antiquated Content Delivery

Yet the structure and delivery of procedural content (policies, standards, processes, standard operating procedures, work instructions, and best practices) lags behind. Procedural content delivery is plagued with:

  • Electronic documents with walls of text
  • Multiple disconnected documents
  • Excessive file and folder searching to find desired content
  • Many documents that are inaccurate, inconsistent, and out-of-date

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Mobilized Content Delivery Ebook

Process Resource Centers

Process Resource Centers (PRCs) are customized web frameworks that improve procedural content accessibility, navigation, and readability, and increases stakeholder productivity. PRCs place policies, standards, best practices, processes, work instructions, videos, applications, email, external web sites and other related resources at the fingertips of users from any device and at any time.

Our Process Resource Centers (PRCs) are unique because...

They provide visually intuitive navigation and access to documents, applications and related resources. In addition, PRCs:

  • ✓ Improve content continuity and eliminate disconnects
  • ✓ Clarify concepts and quicken comprehension
  • ✓ Remove confusion from complexity
  • ✓ Quickly get everyone on the same page

Here's what a client had to say about our e-book design...
"...I find this information exceedingly useful for my workflow. An electronic format that works well on mobile devices, desktop computers and in hard copy is a great idea. The instructional E-Book Design document is clear and easy to follow. Our team will be using this information at length in the months to come. Thank you for your hard work."