SMART Data Breach Response Plans

SMART Data Breach Response Plans position organizations to proactively respond to and mitigate the negative impact of cyber breaches. SMART Data Breach Response Plans deliver cyber response policies, procedures and other critical resources with unprecedented clarity. SMART Plans eliminate the sense of being overwhelmed by task complexity when execution is required under stressful situations.

Electronic Cyber Response Policies Integrated with
Web-Based Procedure and Resource Frameworks

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SMART Data Breach Response Plans separate policy rules, objectives, and guidelines from procedural content. Policy content remains in the electronic documents.

Procedure content is placed into web page frameworks. Procedures are illustrated with visual intuitive workflows. The frameworks provide links to additional workflows, additional web sites, communications plans, response protocols, internal and external team members, documents, applications, and videos as required. The electronic policy document is linked to the web framework where applicable.

Smart Data Breach Response Plans place the organization in a strong proactive posture to:

  • ➢ Minimize incident damage
  • ➢ Instill confidence in the organizationís customers and staff
  • ➢ Get the organization back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

SMART Data Breach Response Plans use dynamic navigation via mouse or touch screen to access critical resources as needed such as:

  • ➢ Communications and notification plans
  • ➢ Checklists
  • ➢ Internal and external team membersí contact information
  • ➢ Response protocols
  • ➢ Roles and responsibilities

Data Breach Response Protocols

Data Breach Response Protocols


Document-driven policies and procedures (paper or electronic format) are tedious, inefficient, and require an excessive amount of user effort when compared to the superior procedural content delivery capabilities offered by web technology. These documents are primarily text-based with some illustrative graphics. This content delivery requires a lot of page scrolling and searching for specific critical information. Pages of text do not efficiently convey procedures as clearly as workflow diagrams and often lead to team disagreements and misinterpretations.

Data Breach Response Plan Home Page

Data Breach Response Plan Home Page

The Data Breach Response Team

Data Breach Response Team

Developing a Data Breach Response Plan can seem overwhelming. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will:

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