Supply Chain Optimization

Fierce competition, rapid technology advancement, and economic volatility are causing upward pressures in supply chains at accelerated rates. Businesses that do not respond appropriately find themselves losing supply chain predictability, often not receiving the expected (or more appropriately projected) returns on their efforts.

Process Delivery Systems brings the clarity and optimization experience necessary to maintain supply chain predictability and the competitive edge. We utilize proven, evidence-based methodologies to harmonize the interlinking nodes within the supply chain, while increasing cash flow.

Evidence-based Results:

Quantified positive financial results

Increased operational efficiencies

Improved and more sustainable service levels

Actual Optimizations:

Inventory Optimization:

Inventory segmentation by like product types including over 100k unique items strategically positioned by velocity to:

Increase B-2-B fulfillment efficiency by 17%

Increase B-2-C e-commerce fulfillment by 23%

Total savings at $450k annually

  Supply Chain
Intelligent Fulfillment Model:

Strategically automated processes across 20 sites. Justified $3.1mm in capital investments with an 18 month return at $2.07mm annual savings.

38% of the $2mm savings derived from inventory reduction and holding cost

34% of the savings derived from reduced inventory defects

28% of the savings derived from compensation reductions

Network Conversion:

Reduced national drop shipment activity saving $50k/month or $600k/year, maintained customer delivery expectations by leveraging Postal Operations network modifications

Reduced expedited freight through routing optimizations and implemented business rules to sustain 34% savings or north of $1.7mm

Network Conversion

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Summary of Financial Results Supply Chain Optimizations
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